Trane XL15c Packaged Gas/Electric

Trane XL15c Packaged Gas/Electric.

Durable System

Within one sleek cabinet, you’ll find a Spine Fin™ coil, Weather Beater™ top, and a variable speed Vortica™ blower motor with Comfort-R™ in the XL15c packaged gas/electric all working to make up a system that sustains your heating and cooling needs.

Expansive Models

The XL15c packaged gas/electric system comes in eight different models of varying heights, widths, depths, cooling capacities, and nominal tons. With this system, you’ll be sure to find the perfect size to fulfill your home’s heating and cooling needs.

Efficient Performance

The XL15c packaged gas/electric system has a SEER2 rating of 15 for its cooling capabilities, and an AFUE rating of 81% for its heating capabilities. Those ratings, combined with its ENERGY STAR® certification, can provide an efficient heating and cooling performance for many years.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

This system is compatible with our Trane CleanEffects® Whole Home Air Cleaner, the first whole home air cleaner to earn the asthma and allergy friendly Certification Program mark by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America®. Pairing the air cleaner with the system can help improve indoor air quality inside your home.

Quiet Operation

Two methods of heating doesn’t mean a noisy system. Instead, the XL15c packaged gas/electric system operates in a quiet capacity to heat and cool your home.