Charitable Giving 2024

Support Mission: Feet First

Our community has put their trust and business in Hawley Air, and Hawley Air is supporting the community once again by supporting "Mission: Feet First" this spring!


Participants click to "vote" for the cause below to show their support. Each vote will count towards Hawley Air’s donation to "Mission: Feet First" with $1 donated per vote up to $5000 donated!


The campaign will run for a two-week-long voting period, you can vote every 24 hrs from multiple devices, so remember to come back and vote!

Voting Ends In:


Learn About the Organizations


YMCA Bright Beginnings Back to School Program

We provide shoes for 5 YMCA locations - about 500 pair of shoes. The YMCA partners with a designated local low-income elementary school to provide back-to-school supplies and clothing, and we provide the shoes.


Prison Release Shoe Sponsorship

For the past 2 years we’ve partnered with the Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministry. Men who are released from the Forsyth Correctional Center are given a certificate to receive free shoes, socks and inserts. Our goal is to show them that they are loved and to welcome them back into society.


WS Rescue Mission shoe fitting

Will fit all the men that currently reside at the Rescue Mission for shoes. Typically 80-90 men.