honeywell logo.The Honeywell company has well over a hundred years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. In 1885 the Albert Butz patented the furnace regulator and alarm. He then formed the Butz Thermoelectric Regulator Company and created the device known as the "damper flapper."

The damper flapper was a system that controlled coal fire furnaces. When the temperature inside a home became too cold, Butz’s invention would lift the damper on the furnace, allowing air to fan the flames, thus automatically increasing the temperature of the residence. The device was composed of three components, a thermostat, a battery, and a motor.

With this invention in 1906, the Butz Thermoelectric Regulator Company eventually became The Honeywell Heating and Specialty Co., specializing in hot water heating generators.

This invention and subsequent acquisitions built the Honeywell Company today that produces the most well known thermostats in the world today as well as a full link of home comfort systems.